The Journey of Fast Back Ropes

The Journey of Fast Back Ropes

Nearly thirty years ago two sisters-in-law, looking to form a business, were given the suggestion of starting a rope company. They knew nothing about ropes, roping, or the business and Fast Back Ropes got off to a rocky start with unqualified help building inferior ropes. Quickly they sought out a more experienced rope maker who rebuilt their machines and got the quality and production on track.

The original owners have long since retired, yet the family environment remains strong today. Fast Back employees enjoy a camaraderie with the common goal of building the best rope possible. Everyone has a voice, and their input and ideas are welcomed. Quality is top priority, and Fast Back ropes normally outlast the competition in durability.

“We understand the rising expenses team ropers face today,” says Coy Upchurch, General Manager, “So when we hear from customers who are able to rope many, many steers and their rope still feels good, we feel like we’ve done our job.”

Over the last few years, Fast Back Ropes has grown at a remarkable pace. The sport of team roping is growing as was evident in the record number of teams and payout at the World Series Finale in Las Vegas. The sport of Breakaway roping is also growing at an incredible pace. Thanks to our sport, and the recent popularity of westerns in the entertainment industry, it’s good to see so many come to enjoy our way of life. Quality always comes first at Fast Back Ropes and is achieved with experienced employees, many who have been with Fast Back for many years.

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