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Bell Boots

Bell Boots

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Maximum Overreach protection for your equine athlete.

The high-tech materials used in these new boots provide the ultimate protection against heel bulb and coronary band injuries on the front lower limbs. Highly durable impact patch on the back makes them super tough and tear resistant against strikes and impact.

  • The Armortex™ strike plate on the back of the boot absorbs and deflects impact to protect the sensitive heel bulbs and coronary band on your horse’s heels.
  • A durable, flexible Kevlar™ band around the bottom of the boot reduces the tearing of the edges prolonging the life of the boot. This band also reduces the tendency for the boot to ride up when working in deep footing, maintaining proper boot placement on the hoof for maximum protection.
  • The boot body is made of ballistic nylon for durability, and double locking hook and loop closure hold the boot in place.
  • Interior heel bulb maintains proper positioning during aggressive maneuvers.
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