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Sport Boots - Hind

Sport Boots - Hind

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High performance support for tendons and ligaments, and impact protection for equine athletes.

Designed with both horse and human in mind, this sleek new boot combines protection and support with ease of application. Simple to put on correctly so you make sure your horse has the edge for ultimate performance and health.

  • Patented Sling Technology: a specially designed strap wraps under the fetlock, up and around to the front of the cannon bone to provide critical lift and support for the suspensory ligament.
  • Does not interfere with the bell boot in the back, as the pastern flexes, yet the boot is still long enough to protect the fetlock on all sides from crossover injuries.
  • Highest grade hook and loop closure is durable and stands up to hard work, maximizing the life of your boot.
  • Five separate layers offer ultimate protection from concussion, blows and impact. These layers are laminated together to create one streamlined body allowing accurate positioning, stability and ease of application.
  • Boot forms to each horse’s legs with use. It is a good idea to have one pair per horse for ultimate fit and protection.
  • Bound boot edges help the boot last under the pressures of the hardworking equine athlete.
  • Hind boot is designed specifically to fit the horse’s hind legs. It is taller than the front boot to provide top quality protection and support to the hind legs.
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Customer Reviews

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Ike Little
Brake check

My horse loves to stop but now he stops harder with these back boots. They protect his hocks

Colbran Ingram
Sport boots

These are the best boots on the market they are strong and last a long time they are a 5 star,